Taking a break again!

Though I love this blog, I will take a break from posting in 2017. I won't take it down, though!

As a farewell, here is a poem I wrote about school and food:

3 Feb. 2016
School: Food
They say an army moves on its stomach.
So school must be an army.
Korean food: garlicky kim-chi, rice-veggie-beef  bibampap.

Studying is brain work and depletes the brain of energy. Energy=calories, so studying calls for food.
Mexican food: lardy refried beans, corn-husk-wrapped tamales.

Studying makes you think about food:
                2x + 3y=5 pieces of California roll sushi
A sonnet ends with a couplet, two rhyming lines, which implies two chimichangas (but not from Chipotle).

The school café is okay, but limited. Favorites are
                Tomato bisque soup
                Egg salad sandwich with sprouts on whole-wheat                 toast

Just down the street you can get some Italian food:
                Calzones, antipasto, NY cheesecake.

They won’t let you eat in classrooms with decent carpet, but I say that if the carpet is nasty and stained,
                go ahead and eat.

In moments of desperation, you can go to the ranks of vending machines, which offer ersatz food:
                Unnaturally-orange crackers with a hint of            peanut butter, Skittles
                Pop-and-Pow Triple-Hot Doritos.

School: food. Studying burns the calories, so eat.

Yes, everyone gets fat at school, so maybe don’t overdo.
But you have many battles to fight, and an empty stomach is not going to equip you for victory.
So eat, you’ll like it.

Just a bite or two. Or three, or fifty. Because studying is hard work. Have a cinnamon bun.

---Sara Tusek


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