Winter and TOEFL/SAT lessons

Today there was some kind of white substance on the cars in the street outside my flat here in Prague. Was it snow? Ice? Hard to say. The sidewalks were wet, it was not as cold as it has been, and the air is still full of smog (smoke + fog). The stuff stayed on the stationery cars and the trees all day.

So it must be winter. Dec. 21 is the official first day of winter by the Western world's calendars, and it's only Nov. 16. But the first snow always ushers in winter, as I see it.

In the next few days I will post information about the American English Language Institute's Winter 2011-12 offerings. If you are interested in tutoring in English, please look at what we offer. Our main focus is on TOEFL and SAT test preparation for secondary school students. We also can help people with writing for academic purposes (at school or university) and have a few openings for Beginner's English, for qualified people.

I hope the smog goes away soon, as it's hard to breathe the stifling air. But the snow can stay, as far as I'm concerned!


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