Bily Potok summer camp

Next week Jarda and I will join an international team of volunteer English instructors in Bily Potok, in the Jizersky Hory (a small mountain range) in northern Bohemia.

Bily Potok camp

This kind of language camp is very popular here, as Czechs will use any excuse to get out of the city into nature. When you combine a nature vacation with some educational purpose, you have a winner.

We'll be working with university students from Prague, and really don't quite know what to expect. Our class is "beginners" which can mean anything from don't-know-a-word-of-English to know-a-lot-of-English-but-are-too-shy-to-speak.

So we've prepared a variety of lessons to cover any situation (we hope!). We'll post you on how the week progresses.


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