English for Social Purposes

Learning another language is a complex and time-consuming task. It takes a child 6 years of more to become fluent in his/her native tongue, so naturally learning a second or third language will not happen overnight!

Reading is, I believe, the easiest skill to master in a foreign language for an adult learner. When you read, you can take your time. A dictionary and thesaurus help you with unfamiliar words. You can work out verb tenses, sentence structure, pronoun references and other bits of grammar at your own pace.

What can be most challenging about learning a language is speaking: simple, daily talk with other people.Children aren't usually shy to speak even when they don't have a good command of grammar or extensive vocabulary. "Me want cookie," although it's grammatically atrocious, will get the point across.

Adults, though, hate to appear stupid, and will hesitate to speak until their skills are perfect. This is a huge mistake, as you learn best by actually trying to to speak. You can hear your mistakes as you say the, and correct them. The person you speak with will often correct you in helpful ways, and you gain the confidence to keep trying.

We offer courses in "English for Social Purposes," to help you improve your ability to speak in everyday, person-to-person conversation. Speaking, reading and memorizing are the three main areas of each lesson. You'll be surprised how quickly you can improve with regular practice!


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