TOEFL test tips

The TEFL test has 4 parts: reading, listening, speaking and writing. The parts are very different, but you can do well in all 4 parts if you do just three things when you are preparing and practicing:

1. Read all the instructions carefully

2. Practice a little bit at a time

3. Review every time you practice.

1. Read all the instructions carefully.  As you read, ask yourself questions, to be sure you are understanding what you're reading:

  • what is the task I am supposed to do?
  • are there any special ways to do the task?
  • how much time will it take to do the task correctly?
  • are there any penalties if I don't do all the parts of the task?
  • what will a correctly-done task look like?
2.Practice a little bit at a time.  "Cramming" is a study habit that doesn't work well. A student crams when he or she tries to study a large amount of material in a very short time, usually right before a test. Cramming is not as effective as studying a little bit at a time, because your brain retains information much better in small pieces. A large chunk of material may become mixed-up in your mind. It would be like learning to play a complicated sport or perform a complex dance in 10 minutes. You'd be overwhelmed!

2.Review every time you practice.  Whenever you practice, be sure to quickly review your last lesson. This will "warm up" your brain, helping you get into the right frame of mind to use your time effectively, as well as giving you another chance to remember what you've already learned.

My next posts will be on establishing effective study skills and learning how to read critically.


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