Communication is key!

Life in the USA is fast, competitive and ever-changing. Communication must be equally quick and effective. Tweets, text messages, wifi, emails that work all the time, concise phone messages, and other electronic communication tools are absolutely necessary for daily life in the USA.

Good habits of effective communication include the following:
1. Take the initiative. Don't wait for people to get in touch with you--they might not!
2. Double-check and confirm all appointments. Just because you know that you've scheduled a meeting doesn't mean that the other person will remember it correctly. Things change, and new events can crowd out plans made yesterday.
3. Be in touch if you'll be late or need to change a plan. If you're more than 10 minutes late, you need to phone/text or email the other person.
4. Check your email/telephone messages frequently, and reply to other people's confirmations and new plans.
5. Always imagine what might go wrong, or be misunderstood, and then make sure to clarify these areas of potential problems.

In the USA, you can lose an opportunity by not being available at the exact moment the opportunity develops. Stay in touch, and ride the waves of change to your advantage!


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