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Some thoughts on learning how to write well

I teach Writing and tutor students in the Writing Center at Seminole State College in Sanford, FL. I've been working here since I left Prague in November 2013. This is the college I worked at before I moved to Prague in 2010, so I have spent quite a bit of time teaching and tutoring Writing to college students.

Before I worked at Seminole State College, I taught English at Providence High School in Jacksonville, FL. There I taught AP Language and Composition (the equivalent of English I, College  Composition) to Juniors, as well as teaching every grade level of English, grades 7-12.

In all of my experience in teaching writing, I focus on just three aspects of writing. I believe that if a student can master these three skill sets, he or she can become a competent writer.

1. Understanding and using the proper structure of a sentence, a paragraph, and a short essay. 

2. Knowing and applying the basics of American English grammar.

3. Using outside research in writing, giving credit for a…