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Goodbye, again

I have a hard time to let go of this blog! It's fun to write, and I like to "speak" to people learning English as an alternate language. But I can only pay attention to a limited number of writing projects, so this blog will once again be suspended. I won't close it, as I know people read what I have written. But for 2014, it will be suspended--no new entries.

Back to school: a lesson in adjectives

Now it's season-changing September, the 30-day month of gradually-falling temperatures,gentle rainy days and back-to-school challenges for students and teachers (unless you live in semi-tropical Florida, as we did for 17 eventful years, where back-to-school is in steamy-hot August, for obscure reasons I do not fully understand).

In temperate Prague, where I live at the moment, you see kids of all ages on the street in somewhat-intimidating, noisy groups in the early morning, at midday lunch (high-schoolers smoking outside the school doors) and in the mid-afternoon, after school. The newly-heated trams are full of boisterous students, with perhaps a few resigned teachers, instructors or professors sitting quietly reviewing their upcoming classes. You see dutiful university students streaming in and out of a variety of university buildings: graffiti-enhanced Functionalist concrete 1970's buildings at the University of Economics (VŠE) or stately 19th-century neo-Renaissance, ne…