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Korean students keep learning!

Many of my American English language students in Prague are from Korea.

They go to school where all the instruction is in English, such as Prague British School, Riverside School and the International School of Prague. It seems so strange, in a way, that my students have no real need to learn Czech, even though they live in the capital of the Czech Republic.

Their classmates are from Azerbaijan, France, Iran, Russia, Ghana, Canada, the USA, Brazil, Germany, China, Slovakia, Japan, Denmark, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic and many other countries. Their lingua franca (common language) is English.

I especially enjoy working with Korean students for three important reasons:
they are, for the most part, diligent students who really want to improve their English skills;they will do the homework I give them, even during their summer holidays;their mothers offer me delicious drinks and snacks!
This summer, all my students have kept up their tutoring sessions whenever they are in Prague. The Ko…