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Enlarging your vocabulary in English

There are dozens of very good books with lists of English vocabulary words that appear in tests such as TOEFL and SAT. The problem is, really, that there are too many books and too many words!

In my 27-year career of teaching English, I have observed that simply memorizing lists of words and definitions is the least effective way to enlarge your vocabulary. I can recommend two much better methods of adding new words to your active vocabulary ("active" in the sense that you use the words in daily conversation, rather than just memorizing the words for a test and then forgetting them right away!).
Here are the two methods:
1. dictionary-sentence in context-image.
2. analysis through word construction: prefixes, roots and suffixes.
1. dictionary-sentence in context-image.This is a labor-intensive way to learn selected words that you must know. For example, if you are a medical student and must learn the organs and glands of the human body, this way of learning will be very useful t…