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writing a 5-paragraph essay

One simple method for organizing an essay is the 5-paragraph essay format. Here is an outline. Remember, a paragraph in a student essay is usually 3-5 sentences.

PARAGRAPH ONE: Intro sentence (grabber). Can be a question or a controversial statement. Example: "the Internet is harmful, and should be banned." The next 1-3 sentences can be examples that support the statement: "Intenet sites can be misleading, a waste of time or dangerous." "Young people can be fooled by cybercriminals, agreeing to meet them and then being kidnapped." Thesis sentence (last sentence): "The Internet should be banned because people can get wrong information there, people can waste hours of valuable time surfing the net, and predators can find innocent young people who will fall for their traps." (The thesis is the point you want to prove or disprove).

PARAGRAPH TWO: "People often get completely wrong information on the Internet." The next 1-3 sentneces give e…