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Basic questions and answers when meeting an American

There are some typical questions that you need to know when you meet an American. Memorizing a response to each question will help you be well-prepared for social situations, and will be useful if your mind goes blank!
1. How are you?---Fine! When Americans ask "how are you?" they don't expect a sincere, detailed answer about your health, your personal relationships or your current problems. The standard answer is "fine. How are you?"

2. Where are you from? This question usually is a way to find out your country of birth, so your answer is "Prague," or "South Korea" or "Bangaldesh," depending on where you were born. If you are currently living in another place, you can add, "but now I'm living in London" or wherever you live.

3. Do you have a family? or Where does your family live?---this question may be a way to find out if you're married or single, or to inquire about children you may have. Maybe the American wan…

American University Prep Course

This course is custom-designed for international students who wish to go to university or college in the USA. The course begins with an overview of American higher education, then provides practice in the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and SAT exams, both of which are required for admission to most American universities and colleges. The course is 10 weeks long, with an optional 2-week addendum for additional exam preparation. Also included is help with preparing a complete university or college application form.